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Relocation Company, providing global relocation services

Location Strategy Solutions (LSS Relocation) was established as a Relocation Company in 1986. We help corporations and individuals relocate nationally and internationally.

As one of the longest established relocation service providers, LSS has managed hundreds of moves, company and staff relocations over the years. We have relocated the smallest and the largest companies. We stand on our reputation for excellent customer services and trouble free relocations.

What makes our Relocation Management Services and Move Management Services different?

Direct Relocation Consultancy

Are you moving abroad? We have direct consultants across the ground for UK, European, Asian and US relocations and moves. One of the things that makes us different to other relocation companies is our cutting out the middle man and saving money on using direct relocation consultants.

Specialist Relocation/Removals broker for your move

We find your company the very best price for removals, going out to the removal providers and having the leverage to get you the best relocation removal costs. If you are moving your office, company or yourself, see what we can do when it comes to well priced removals and moves.

Specialist Relocation Short term Accommodation Broker and Consultant

We find the best value long and short term accommodation for your employees/ staff during the relocation by going to accommodation providers across the market.

Personalised Relocation Management Services

As a relocation management company we are small enough to offer a personalised bespoke relocation package, while still having a huge amount of experience of corporate relocations and staff moves. We keep your employees happy with our personalised relocation services during your move.

Who are our relocation clients?

With our long history as a Relocation Management Company, we have built up a client base of corporate clients across the globe. We deal with small companies or large corporations.

What does LSS do as a Relocation Management Company?

When looking for relocation companies, we can offer an all-in-one relocation package

We deal with everything from a staff relocation survey, sourcing temporary accommodation during the move, finding schools for children, arranging staff removals and general move management.  With our relocation experience in countries from America to China, we coordinate relocations from the smallest to the largest moves. We are experts in the world of National and International moves and relocations.

When relocating your company or staff to a new country it is advisable to research the destination. Through our work with our relocation clients LSS Relocation, has gathered together a wealth of relocation, accommodate, cultural and other local information about countries and cities around the World. Below you will find links with information about relocating to some of those places.  Of course, our relocation services are not limited to these countries.

Relocating to America  Featured City, Relocating to Chicago
Relocating to Australia Featured City, Relocating to Sydney
Relocating to Brazil  Featured City, Relocating to Sao Paolo
Relocating to France  Featured City, Relocating to Paris
Relocating to Germany Featured City, Relocating to Frankfurt
Relocating to Scotland Featured City, Relocating to Edinburgh
Relocating to Singapore Featured City, Relocating to Singapore
Relocating to Switzerland Featured City, Relocating to Geneva

LSS Relocation is very much engaged with and involved in the world of national and international relocation with memberships and council involvement within the ARP, EuRA

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