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Before relocating to Germany it is worth doing some research. The country is known for being modern, cosmopolitan and innovative. Anyone making the move to Germany should find it a straightforward process, with an excellent standard of infrastructure. Most German cities have superb public transport systems, which reduces the need to own a car and with the availability of low cost flights, it is easy to travel around the continent from Germany.

Anyone moving to Germany with children will be reassured to know that the standard of education is exceptionally high with a good choice of international schools available.

Germany boasts excellent healthcare facilities. It has public and private hospitals, which meet international standards, anyone with specific healthcare needs will be pleased to know that the country is home to a number of specialist facilities. LSS Relocation offer an excellent service for relocating employees to Germany

Visa requirements when relocating to Germany

EU citizens are entitled to live and work in Germany without a visa; there are still some documents that will be required to obtain the necessary residency permit.

Applications for a residency permit (Aufaenhait) must either be done in person at a German embassy or consulate, or through the immigration authorities in Germany. As EU nationals have the right to live and work in Germany, obtaining a residency permit is simply a formality.

Visa and work permit requirements may change at short notice; it is advisable to contact your respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.

Currency when relocating to Germany

The official currency in Germany is the euro (€). One euro (EUR) is divided into 100 cents.

Time difference when relocating to Germany

Germany is 1 hour (GMT +2 from the end of March to the end of October).ahead of London
Useful facts when relocating to Germany

Useful facts when relocating to Germany

Country: Germany
Official Language: German (official), English is widely spoken
Unit of measure: Metric system
Electricity supply: 220 volts, 50Hz. Two-pin European plugs are standard.
Flag: The German national flag is known as the Bundesflagge (federal flag).

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Emergency numbers when relocating to Germany:

Police 110
Ambulance 112

Travel connections when relocating to Germany

Airports: Frankfurt , Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Stuttgart

Train stations: All major cities have a railway station with excellent links across the country. Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin.
Main Road: The main Autobahnen going all across Germany has single digit numbers. Shorter highways of regional importance have double digit numbers

Major cities in Germany

Frankfurt , Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart

Relocating to Frankfurt

LSS Relocation have built up a wealth of knowledge on locations around the World. To find out more please visit our information page on relocating to Frankfurt.

Property prices when relocating to Germany

As a general guide you will find property prices are influenced by location and demand. Your choice of location will be influenced by your place of work. Local agents will be the best place to start. The process of buying any type of property or land is strictly regulated. The services of certain professionals are usually required for the process. The local estate agent should be able to give an estimation of all fees and the property charges the buyer will be responsible for when they become the owner.

Typical property prices in Germany
Average price per square meter in a city centre – 3965.00 euros

Typical property rental prices in Germany
Average price per square meter in a city centre – 650.00 euros per month

Property agents when relocating to Germany

Berlinovo mbH
Hallesches Ufer 74-76
10963 Berlin
T +49 30 25441-0

From the UK visit the Rightmove website

British representation when relocating to Germany

Visit the British Embassy via their website

Leisure & entertainment when relocating to Germany

Germans are very family-focused with much leisure time being spent at home, especially during the winter months. However, they do participate in a wide range of sporting and leisure activities. All cities and towns will have swimming pool, sports centre,
cinema, concert hall and theatre facilities.

The following site published by the German National Tourist Board shows the country’s leisure highlights.

Restaurants when relocating to Germany

The Bird
Am Falkpl. 5
10437 Berlin
T: +49 30 51053283

Im Herzen Afrikas
Gutleutstraße 13
60329 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 24246080

Johann-Fichte-Straße 7
80805 München
T: +49 89 3619590

Immermannstraße 35
40210 Düsseldorf
T: +49 211 16099580

Valle Bar – Ristorante
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 3
70174 Stuttgart
T: +49 711 2202727

Home entertainment & communication when relocating to Germany

Broadband: Telekom
Mobile phone: Just Landed

Education when relocating to Germany

UK Expats will often send their children to the American Schools, which teach the syllabus in English.

UK Relocation Companies

Location Strategy Solutions (LSS) was established in 1986. The Company has grown through innovation and excellent customer service provision and now includes many major international companies among its clients.

LSS is very much engaged with and involved in the world of national and international relocation with memberships and council involvement within the ARP, EuRA to name but a few. Through LSS’s long history within the relocation arena, deep rooted partnerships have been established across the globe allowing LSS to deliver to their corporate clients the right service for their particular needs, whether requiring seamless coordination across multiple jurisdictions or delivery in a single location.

We understand the need to combine a professional service with the personal touch, so important when dealing with the inherent stress of relocation and the particular requirements of each individual and family. Through maintaining our independence we can treat your employees as human beings and not a number in a database.

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