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Before relocating to France it is worth doing some research. Officially the French Republic, France is a unitary sovereign state comprising territory in Western Europe and overseas regions and territories. France covers 247,368 square miles and has a population of about 66 million.

Metropolitan France extends from the English Channel and the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rhine. France is a semi-presidential republic with its capital in Paris, the largest city in France and the main cultural and commercial center. The Constitution of France establishes the country as secular and democratic, with its sovereignty derived from the people. The major cities of France include; Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse

French citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and the country performs well in international rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, civil liberties and human development. As a founding member of the United Nations, France sits as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

France is the number one tourist destination with some 80 million visitors a year. There are about 160,000 people from the UK who have made France their permanent home.

Visa requirements when relocating to France

The EC Treaty means residence permits are not required for European Union citizens wishing to move from one EU member state to another. They may however be required to register their presence with the local authorities. The following reasons of stay are regarded as residence:

* Employment (including job-seeking)
* Study
* Economically non-active
* Staying as a family member of a citizen of the Union
* Pensioners

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Currency when relocating to France

The currency changed from the French Franc to the Euro with 100 cents to Euro (€)

Time difference when relocating to France

France is one hour ahead of London (GMT) and uses daylight saving. On the last Sunday in March clocks go forward by an hour, through to the last Sunday in October when clocks go back by an hour.

Useful facts when relocating to France.

Capital City: Paris
Official Language: French
Unit of measure: Metric system
Electricity supply: 230 volts AC at 50 hertz
French flag: Le Drapeau Tricolore or the French Tricolour

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Emergency numbers:
Medical        15
Police            17
Fire               18
SOS (all)       112 from a mobile

Airports when relocating to France

Marseille Provence Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Orly Airport
Paris-Beauvais-Tillé Airport
Toulouse Blagnac Airport
Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

Relocating to Paris

LSS Relocation have built up a wealth of knowledge on locations around the World. To find out more please visit our information page on relocating to Paris.

Travel when relocating to France

The advanced rail network has some of the fastest high-speed trains in the world, making traveling across the country very efficient. Most cities have a tram system making getting around easy and fast. Many UK expats will have driven in France on their holidays so will know what to expect before they make the move. All EU citizens can drive in France using their national driving license and since March 2013, all drivers must carry a breathalyser in their vehicles.

Property prices when relocating to France

In France, bedrooms, studies, sitting rooms and reception rooms are described as ‘pièces’. Property details will describe the total number of ‘pièces’ in a property excluding utility rooms, kitchen, bathrooms – no distinction is made between ‘bedrooms’ and other rooms.

As a general rule you will find property prices are influenced by location and demand. Your choice of location will most likely be influenced by your place of work. Contact or visit estate agents in the local area who are very knowledgeable and will be the best place to start.

The process of buying any type of property or land in France is strictly regulated. The services of certain professionals are required for the process. The local estate agent should be able to give an estimation of all fees and the property charges the buyer will be responsible for when they become the owner.

Typical property prices in Paris: 23m2 apartment €190,000. 35m2 apartment €330,000. 44m2 1 bed apartment in central Paris €590,000. 86m2 3 bed apartment €795,000

Education when relocating to France

The French educational system is highly centralized and organized, with many subdivisions. It is divided into three stages:

* Primary education (enseignement primaire);
* Secondary education (enseignement secondaire);
* Higher education (enseignement supérieur).

Degrees recognized by the Bologna Process (EU recognition):

* Licence and Licence Professionnelle (Bachelor)
* Master (Master)
* Doctorat (Doctorate)

UK Expats will often send their children to the American Schools, which teach in English.

American School of Paris
41 rue Pasteur
92210 Saint-Cloud
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 12 82 82
Fax: +33 (0)1 46 02 23 90

Relocation Companies

Location Strategy Solutions (LSS Relocation) was established in 1986. The Company has grown through innovation and excellent customer service provision and now includes many major international companies among its clients.

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